Weekend on Bali

bali7Dive into the aura of  the paradise on Bali! It starts with body pores opening by means of infrared sauna, followed by a Balinese traditional massage, followed by a traditional tea party held for the deepest relaxation after a massage, then the procedure continues with purification of the body with the Lulur scrub, then goes hydration of the body through a mask. Next you will get  procedures for the basic care of your hands, as well as traditional Balinese reflexology (foot massage).  As the conclusion of this divine day, we offer you a luxury treatment for the whole body –  floral bath with sea salt, after which you will feel full recovery.  Best choice for a couple!


1.IR- sauna 30 min

2. Balinese massage 90min

2. Body scrub  30 min

3. Body mask 30 min

4. Spa for feet and hands 90 min

5. Fish spa* 30 min

6. Tea with treat

Duration:  5 hours                                 Cost: 3180 UAH


* This service is available only in the salon on the Onilovoi lane 8/10. On the Fontanskaya road 49/1 and in the Kadorr mall it’s replaced to a hands / feet / head or face massage for 20 minutes.

Weekend on Bali
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