Herbal Stone Massage

img0000_Normal (26)It is one of the most relaxing massage. Due to using the two instruments alternately (basalt stones and balinese herbal bags)in this massage, the relax maximum effect is obtained, the whole body is warmed up and each part of your body is separately massaged. First, the master uses manual massage, then uses hot stones to warm up the body, open pores and relax. After warm stones Master immediately puts herbal bags on your warmed-up skin and you get unforgettable aromatherapy effect.

It is believed that toxins are removed from the body via the perspiration caused by the heat. Pleasant combination of hot stones and herbal bags gives you сomplete relaxation and good-humored mood.


Herbal Stone Massage
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90min - 2535 UAH2535 UAH
120min - 3035 UAH3035 UAH
150 min - 3375 UAH3375 UAH

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