Mango massage

IMG-1501Dear Guests! We have great news! New Mango Massage in Bali Spa! You will certainly appreciate balinese relax massage technique together with mango cream.   Essential organic oils provide effortless glide, workability and relaxation in this refreshing massage cream. This cream heals, regenerates, and conditions skin, leaving it beautifully smooth and hydrated. Exceptionally soothing in a salon and spa service as a full body cream.

You can try new Mango massage with 35% discount only until 25.07.2020!

Mango massage 60 minutes - 595 UAH instead of  915 UAH!!!
Mango massage 90 minutes - 795 UAH instead of 1160 UAH!!!

Mango massage
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Время Spa-процедуры 60мин - 980 UAH900 UAH
Время Spa-процедуры 90мин - 1240 UAH1140 UAH

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