Fish SPA *

In our salon you can enjoy a unique spa-treatment for your skin with special Garra-Ruffa fishes. This kind of fish cleans the top layer of skin, thereby promoting skin renewal and relieves it from dark spots.

Thanks to a professional cleaning and filtration system sterility of water is guaranteed, and the possibility of transmitting skin diseases is completely excluded. This kind of fish don’t have teeth, so your skin will be very carefully cleaned. After this spa Your skin will become soft and well-groomed as a special enzyme contained in saliva moisturizes the skin.

In “Bali” spa you can make a fish peeling not only of the legs, but of the whole body.

Also this type of massage have beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves fatigue and swelling in the legs.

*This treatment availible only on Onilovoi  lane 8/10 

Fish SPA *
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