Bali fairy tale

The combination of the traditional Balinese massage, body scrubbing and masking with wrapping brings a positive effect on body skin, stimulates circulation, breaks up clusters of fat cells and toxins from the pores of the skin. You will feel the effect of rejuvenation and recuperation, deep relaxation.

1. Balinese massage 60min

2. Body scrub 30 min

3. Body mask 30 min

4. Fish spa* 30 min

5. Tea

Duration: 2,5 hours    Cost: 1800 UAH.

* This service is available only in the salon on the Onilovoi lane 8/10. On the Fontanskaya road 49/1 and in the Kadorr mall it’s replaced to a hands / feet / head or face massage for 20 minutes.

Bali fairy tale
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